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Who are we?
The Hub'n Bub'n; (pronounced: Hoobin Boobin) hail from Maastricht in the Netherlands. Formed by Bert Huben in the winter of 1987, with the intention to play
Oberkrainer music. Hub'n Bub'n,
This type of music, known characteristically by it,s combination of; bass, accordion, guitar, trumpet, clarinet, and flugel-horn has it's roots in the former Yugoslavian Slovenia, and was made popular mainly by the trumpetist; Slavko Avsenik (1956 Trompeten Echo).
Those of you who have ever travelled in this area certainly have come in contact with one of the many exponents of this style. The musical forms of polka, waltz, and march, renders this combination of instruments into an exciting, happy, invigorating and somewhat licentious sound! Not to be confused with the "Tiroler" style played by the many bands in Limburg, the " Hub’n Bub’n" are smaller in number (8 musicians), however, with their lilting tempi and many show aspects; satisfaction guaranteed!!
What do we play?
Through the years we have compiled a vast repertoire. Containing renditions from known groups such as; Tiroler Nachtschwarmer, Tiroler Spatzen, Viller Spatzen, Original Alpenland Quintet, Schurzenjager, Junge Klostertaler, etcetera. The addition of the bas guitar, electric guitar, keyboards, and drum kit, provides a traditional yet contemporary sound.
Our first CD is a compilation of renditions from the afore mentioned groups. A true musical festival, as described in the title; "Fest der Muzik".
This CD has not only been noted in various playlist's, but has also been chosen by over 25 broadcasting stations as "Limburgs leefste" (Limburgs favorite)
July 1998 was the release date of our single; "Spasj, Plezeer beleeve" and "Silberfaden".
Written by Gaby Quaaden-Vreuls from our fan-club. The song is about our yearly Austrian tour and the fun we have on it!
"Silberfaden" is an instrumental number wherein our trumpeter Olaf Frijns exemplifies his virtuosity!
12 August 2001 aws the presentation of our new album; "Wir Sind Wieder Da". This one is more comprehensive and includes various renditions characteristic to the indigenous styles. From Oberkrainer to Alpen Rock, there is something for everybody!
Our special thanks goes out to "Music House Records" in Maastricht, for their professional and expert help in the making of this CD, of which we are so proud.
Hubn Bubn Tirol 2004
Where do we play?
In the meantime the Hub'n Bub'n have an healthy agenda. In 2004 we completed for the tenth time our tour through Germany, Austria, and Italy!
The fact that this formation has been invited for the tenth time to play in well known places in Tirol, Southern Tirol, and Bavaria, the nursing ground for this type of music; bears fact to the quality of the Hub'n Bub'n!
Numerous performances are still being provided, local and foreign! I.E. the culinary fair in Maastricht; "'t Preuvenemint", summer polka festivals throughout the Netherlands, the more renowned festivals in places such as: Aarle-rixel, Appeltern, Utrecht, Open-Air Theater and Holland Casino in Valkenburg, Open Air Festival in Maastricht, World Championship Cycling, Grand Prix der Volstumlische Musik Sud Tirol, Vipiteno Italy, Beer Festival Gulpen, Volendam, Kohlschied (Germany), Warmenhuizen, Diepenheim, Markelo, Joure, Neede, The Hague, Laren, Voeren (Belgium), Dinxperlo, Baak, Lochem, Rijssen, and numerous other venues.
Spiel mir Einer"
In 2004 we won the "Spiel mir Einer" competition. In distinction from "Radio FM Normal", the listeners chose the Hub'n Bub'n as the best "Volkstumlige" band in the country! This led to a performance in the Rijnhallen (Arnhem) with numerous artists from Austria such as; De Klostertaler, Marc Pircher, Sandra Weiss and many others.
The Hub'n Bub'n invoke, and also experience themselves, much pleasure at the performances. The rendering of good music and a moving show, working together with the audience, assures a good time for one and all!
This Band is extremely suited to play at; Fruschoppen, Spatshoppen, Tiroler Parties, Tents etc.
Hub’n Bub’n
Ambyerstraat N 54,
6225 EG Maastricht
+31 (0)43 3622512
Holland Europe


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Ellmauerhof Tirol
"The place to be" for the Hub'n Bub'n in Austria
is the  Ellmauerhof in Elmau/Tirol
CD album: "Ein Fest Der Musik" bestel nr.Music House Records tel 043-3217428/ SMH-9604
CD-Single: "Spasj,Plezeerbeleeve"/"Silberfaden" Music House Records tel 043-3217428
CD Album: "Wir sind Wieder Da !" Bestel nr .MHA-0104  Music House Records tel. 043-3217428
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Hub'n Bub'n In Rijnhal Arnhem

Hubn Bubn winnen landelijke wedstrijd met optreden in de Arnemse Rijnhallen samen met De Kostertaler Marc Pircher  ect.



Tanz - Stimmung - Show !

Mit diese Zielsetzung begeistern die 8 Musiker ihr Publikum.
Ihr Temperament,sind ein Grund für die beliebtheit der Hub'n
Bub'n". Die viele "Fans" sind ein Beweis dasz Sie fast Jeden
Wunsch der Zuhörer erfüllen.
Ihr musikalisches Programm umfast neben Volkstümliche Musik
in Oberkreiner- und Tiroler stil, natürlich auch Stimmungs- und
Moderne Musik
Eine extra Dimension bringt die s.g. "Zillertaler Pop" damit jung und
Alt immer voll auf ihre Kosten kommen. Die Gruppe spielt
neben bekannte Melodien, auch eigene Kompositionen.
Bisher sind 3 MC's und 3 CD's "Ein Fest der Musik",
" Silberfäden" und "Wir Sind Wieder Da ! " Erschienen.
Ein neues CD-album wird gerade angefertigt, ebenso wie ein
neues single-CD.
Auftritte für Radio und Fernsehen: von wirklich groszen Wert sind
die Zahlreiche Auftritte in Ausland ...... Alles LIVE !
In 1994 war die Erste erfolgreiche Österreich Tournee:"Kaiser Tour"
mit Auftritte in Ellmau, Kössen und Brixen im Thale.
In 1995 die Zweite Tournee, mit motto " Am Stammtisch" Auftritte in
Kirchherg, Kramsach, Westendorf Abtenau(S), Brixen im Thale und  Ellmau.
Der Dritte Tour in 1996 trug den Titel: "Rund den Kaiser"
Für 1997: "Silberfãden Tour"
Für 1998: "Volle power "
Für 1999: "Sjpas plezeer beleeve"
Für: 2000 "Il Silensio"
Für 2001: "Wir Sind Wieder da".
Für 2002:  " Sehsucht nach der Fruling  "
Für 2003: "Gruss an Ellamu"
Für 2004: "Veer zien fans vaan uch"
Für 2005 steht wieder einen Tournee nach Tirol und !! Amerika
Für 2006 das nr 13 Tournee nach Tirol!
Für 2007  "Spek met Eier " Das nr 14 Tournee nach Tirol!
Für 2008 "Dem Land Tirol die Treue" Das nr 15 Tournee nach Tirol!
Weiter auftritte für das "Grand Prix der Volkstümlige Musik Süd Tirol"
und viele "gigs" in Italien
Welcome to the Official Hub'n Bub'n Website!

"Ein Fest der Musik "
best describes the Hub'n Bub'n as they perform their
style of festival music internationally. With their infectious
rhythms and obvious enthusiasm, they have performed their high energy 
German, Dutch and Austrian Volksmusik to an impressive and extensive
 list of national and international events.

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They Vreuls, Ambyerstraat N 54,
6225 EG Maastricht 043 3622512

Email :  daansmit@hubnbubn.nl

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